boardinglgOur Boarding Rates

Dogs – $20.00 per day

Cats –  $11.00 per day

Reservations are preferred. Please call during normal business hours.

Boarding Charges are similar to a stay at a hotel/motel. Daily rates begin on the day your pet checks in. Check-out time is 11 a.m. A full day of boarding charges are due after 11 a.m. For example, Mon-Wed before 11 a.m. is a two-day fee. Friday through Sunday is a three-day fee. *Sunday is always a full-day charge.*

Note: There will be a $25 charge for drop-off or pick-up before and or after normal business hours. This fee must be paid in advance.

We require proof of vaccinations for ALL pets. *NO EXCEPTIONS*  Bring in your records or simply have your vet fax them to our office.

Dogs: Bordetella*Rabies*Distemper

Cats: Rabies*Distemper

Medications are provided by the owner and will be given as directed by the owner for a nominal fee. Special diets are provided by the owner in an air-tight container and fed according to your instruction. Individual feeding instructions are done at no additional cost.